Zenab Morsi

Flower Designer
10 Years
+39 3204675807

I am contactable any day of the week in case of last minute emergencies or extra assistance

Personal Info

Ever since I was a child, I grew up among flowers thanks to the fact that my parents owned a plant and flower-based business in Rome. Right there, in Rome, is where I literally moved my first steps and where I developed my sense of love for nature. My job consists in making the value of a floreal composition stand out and in accurately placing these compositions into well picked locations: churches, restaurants, mansions, showrooms. I’ve been creating floral compositions for more than ten years for any kind of event; my ultimate goal has always been to attentively listening to the clients’ requests, who have progressively become more stimulating, in order to achieve their desires in the most creative way possible. I’ve had the pleasure to use my creations in some of the most important churches and locations in Rome and that’s how I became part of a big network of professionals with whom I work all around Italy.
I’m a person that lives every aspect of life with passion and I pour all this into my job, which I do with love and dedication. My most important teacher has been practice, together with the willingness to always be improving myself. As the Dalai Lama once said:

There isn’t anything that isn’t made easier through constant familiarity and training. Through training, we can change; we can transform ourselves.

Additionally, outside of my love for nature, I’m also very interested in art, to which I dedicate most of my free time, in travels, in poetry and in everything else capable of filling the eyes and the soul. I firmly believe that this world needs Beauty, all kinds of it, so that we can make it better. That’s why I’ve also been partaking in volunteering activities in the latest years.

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