Wedding Planning

Our experience at the service of a dream: yours! We plan each and every detail of your event.

Wedding Venue

There’s no such a thing as a “good” place. There are only the RIGHT places! We will guide you in the choice of the best possible location.

Wedding Design

We follow each and every step of your event in order to make all your dreams come true! You’ll just have to live the dream!
We build dreams
We live for luxurious designs

We believe that the true luxury consists in creating beauty; it is about crafting unique experiences by listening to our clients’ requests. Through our wedding project they can see how their desires come to life.

What can we offer you?
perfect weddings
luxury venues

What we can offer you

Years of work challenged us to improve ourselves every day. To have everything in your own hands means having to deal with a great responsibility but, because of our professionalism, experience and especially thanks to the faith that our clients have always put in us, we know we can offer the best.

We put everything we know and all our efforts in our job in order to make your dream come true.
We live fully inside each and every event. We treasure each and every moment.
We are able to connect with every idea you have. Your emotions are safe in our hands.

Our services

During the years we have developed a wide array of services specifically tailored for you and all your requests. We work side by side with our clients in order to truly understand what their desires are so that we can do our best to make them become real in the most perfect way.

Wedding Destination

Achieve your dream in our beautiful Italy. You can choose between villages, hills and splendid beaches. A romantic choice, an experience that will leave a mark.

Private Parties

A moment for you and for you only. A location tailored for you and all your requests. Unique landscapes and exclusive services that will make all your guests go speechless.


From the design to the actual organisation, we bring original solutions to life that will guarantee success for your events.


The first event where your little baby will be the undisputed protagonist. With a keen eye on every aspect of the event, we ensure attention to every detail.


No matter what your age is, your birthday will always be an emotional day. We will make your dreams come true. You’ll just have to blow out the candles!

Bridal Shower

The coolest event for your dear friend who’s about to get married. Fun and relax in a special day, only for girls.

Baby Shower

A magical event for your baby and a special occasion to share emotions and to show all the support for the soon-to-be mother.

Wedding Bags

A unique detail that will win your guests over. Tailored shoppers specifically made with Italian materials to make the style of your event stand out.

Wedding Favors

An unmissable part of your wedding. And if chosen with taste and with the correct grade of customisation, then it is bound to be unforgettable.

Same Sex Wedding

Love knows no barriers. That’s why we will help you bring your dream to life.

Religious Weddings

We plan religious weddings down to the smallest detail.
Destination: Italy!

Hills, sea, mountains, countryside and much more than that. Italy has it all: it is one of the few places in the world capable of offering unique landscapes in which you can make your dreams come true. You’ll just have to pick one.

Our complete destination wedding proposal

If you want to make your wedding unique, choose Italy! You can have food, wine, unforgettable landscapes, cities with no equals anywhere in the world, enchanted islands, an outstanding reception that has absolutely no comparison. Italy: a special emotion. Passione Italiana will take care of every step of your travel and of the most important day of your life. All the soon-to-weds who want to count on our experience can choose from this wide array of services.

The first phase will be dedicated to the definition of a budget. From this initial step all the other parts of your journey will be evaluated: we will tell you all about the strategies to make the most efficient expenses possible.

In order to make your wedding day a perfect one we will get a hold on all the professionals needed: a photographer, a videomaker, a floral designer, a cake designer, a make-up/hairstylist. We will select the musical score better suited to be the ideal soundtrack for your event and we will also organise all the transportation; we will then select the catering and the entertainment, the fireworks, all the personnel required for babysitting and for security and on top of all this we will also ensure medical assistance, a hostess and a translation service.

For each one of these professionals an appointment will be set in place so that you can meet them; as for the cake designer and the catering, there will be a tasting session.

An event is, above all, an occasion to be together, to celebrate an important day with loved ones, to relate to each other. Because it is, in fact, a moment built on relationships, we will lead you through all the correct “etiquette” behaviours one is expected to have in such important occasions. We will do so by ensuring everyone respects the basic rules of the “Bon ton” and by allowing, at the same time, everyone to be authentic and spontaneous.

Thanks to your experience we will be able to tell you what is the most romantic and beautiful location in which you can live your dream. Once you choose it, we will take care of the bargaining process in order to give you the best possible price.

Once the design part has been completed, we will set up an agenda with a complete and detailed programme.
From that moment on, you will just have to relax. It will be us who will remind you of all the important things to do.

We will be there during the wedding in order to ensure that every little thing is going according to plan and, should anything arise at all, to make sure that everything is solved before anyone even notices it. We will be your main references in case of any difficulties and it will be our preoccupation to solve any problem in order to allow you and your guests to relax and enjoy such an important day. Moreover, we take care of transportation and accomodation of guests coming over from other cities or countries.

One of the most important phases of our job is the listening part. When we will meet for the first time we will talk about colours, wedding clothes, participations, invitations, comfits, wedding favors, wedding bags, mises en place, tableaux de mariage, lights, furnishings. Through this phase we will collect your ideas and expectations and we will make them our own. It’s only by doing this that we can ensure to achieve all your dreams.

Apart from the creative and organisational side, a service of consultancy that will guide you step by step through all the bureaucracy will be included in the price. We will provide support for SIAE permissions, RC insurances, permissions for fireworks, etc.

For all your guests, the day before the wedding, we can organise a “welcome dinner”, guided tours, visits to museums, wine-testing sessions and even moments of relax in a Spa suite; the day after the wedding we can instead set up a special meeting in which you can say thanks to all your close friends for their presence. What do you say? You can count on our help to organise all this.

What can you expect?

No matter what your idea is, we can help you make it real. During the years we have shaped the dreams of many couples: we achieved all their desires.

What people say about us

Our team

Your event will be in safe hands thanks to a team of expert, professional and above all passionate people who love their jobs. All our skills will be at your service to achieve your dream.

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Wedding Planner

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Wedding Designer

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Wedding Designer

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Flower Designer

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